Off to the museum

You wish to spend your time in Augsburg as effectively as possible?

Then book your ticket for the museum with us before you arrive along with your room. Of course, you can also spontaneously purchase tickets at the reception.

tim - Textile and Industry Museum

Embark on a journey through time in the State Textile and Industry Museum (tim)! Participate in numerous interactive events to experience Augsburg’s textile history from the early modern era until today. More information on the museum and its current events on

The Fugger and Welser Museum

Augsburg‘s golden Renaissance era – the Fugger and Welser interactive museum uses extensive multimedia to impressively illustrate how merchants and financiers shaped this era. At the same time, the museum’s thematic range extends to the present day. Find out more at

Getting around Augsburg

Get the Augsburg "Hotelticket" from us! It gives you free use of Augsburg’s public transportation system for two days along with discounted admission to museums, recreation facilities and events. Find more information on
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