About us

We, the managers and staff at hostel Sleps and DJH Youth Hostel Augsburg are happy to be at your service! Whether you wish to book a room, reserve a table in one of Augsburg’s restaurants, or rent a bike – we will gladly help you and want you to feel at home with us.

We look forward to your stay!

You can reach us by calling +49 821 780 88 90, by sending an e-mail to info@sleps.de, or, naturally, in person at the front desk!

Our Support Organization

Lehmbau - youngsters build a place for guests

Together with the City of Augsburg, the “Augsburger Lehmbaugruppe” developed the idea of a comfortable new youth hostel with a beautiful ambience. Thus, as a project for reintegrating disadvantaged youths, a former administration building was converted into what is now the DJH Youth Hostel Augsburg and hostel Sleps in 2006 – places where today people from all over the world meet.

The project introduced the youths to the challenges of the working world and gave them a goal as well as a possibility to identify with their work. More than 60 youngsters took this chance and many of them made the transition into the primary job market.

The DJH Youth Hostel Augsburg and the hostel Sleps are part of the Augsburger Gesellschaft für Lehmbau, Bildung und Arbeit e.V. (Society for Mudbrick Building, Education, and Work). The Lehmbaugruppe is a diversified educational organization, which is active with different institutions in the greater Augsburg Swabia region. You will find more information on the Lehmbaugruppe’s social commitment at www.lehmbau.de

SLEPS - Das Hostel
der Augsburger Lehmbaugruppe

Unterer Graben 6
D-86152 Augsburg

phone: +49 821 780 88 90
fax: +49 821 780 88 929
email: info@sleps.de 

Opening hours:
Every day from 6 am to 0 am